‘My Name Is Not Khan’, Bihar’s Popular Online Teacher ‘Khan Sir’ Reveals His Identity

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Khan Sir says in his video that he was taking a class and some students insisted on knowing his real name as everybody knows him by the name ‘Khan Sir’ so he jokingly said that some people call me ‘Amit Singh’.

“Even when I go to banks, people call me Amit Singh but I never said that it is my real name. It was just to have fun with the students.”, Khan Sir said in the video

He further says that Khan cannot be my name as it his Surname. He says in the video, ‘Khan mera naam nahi hai, title hai”. He further explained that he has even published more than 26 books in Kiran publication under the name ‘Khan Sir’. He says, “Why would I publish my books under the name Khan Sir if my surname wouldn’t have been Khan

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