US army done drone strike in afghanistan?

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USA: The pentagon, stated on Saturday that it carried out a drone strike in Afghanistan, killing  Islamic State conspirators.  After the current suicide bombings at Kabul airport that killed 169 Afghans and thirteen American soldiers, US President Joe Biden promised to retaliate.

The responsibility of the incident that happened on Thursday was taken by ISIS-K.

He, however, refused to reveal any in addition information about the conspirators and masterminds of ISIS-K killed withinside the drone strike.  It isn’t always right away regarded whether or not the goal ISIS-K conspirators withinside the drone strike have been in particular worried in Thursday’s assault on Kabul airport.  
Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stated they have been each killed withinside the identical assault and had been ISIS-led conspirators and facilitators.  Regarding viable in addition assaults through the Islamic State group, he stated, “The threats are nevertheless very actual and we’re tracking them at this time.”  Our assignment is to maintain evacuating humans as wanted and entire our challenge through August 31.

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