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The Kashmir Files Full Movie Download: Bollywood veteran Mithun Chakraborty, Anupam Kher, Darshan Kumar and Pallavi Joshi played important roles in the film ‘The Kashmir Files’. The film is directed by renowned Beetown director Vivek Agnihotri.  He has already made a name for himself in Bollywood with his film ‘The Tashkent Files’.  Vivek Agnihotri does not hesitate to bring up social issues on the silver screen.  Screening of ‘The Kashmir Files’ was done without any compromise anywhere.

The Kashmir Files (2022) Bollywood Hindi Full Movie Netflix Original Series

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Don’t Forget To Share with Your Family and Friends, This movie is related on original incident happens in Kashmir with Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri women were stripped and gang-raped. 

They threatened to convert him or kill him if he wanted to stay in the valley.  Stop those who are obstructed.  robbed his property.  Bullets rained on the oncoming protesters.

The film, which released worldwide on March 11, was a resounding success.  Critics are also overwhelmed with applause.  Haryana and Madhya Pradesh governments have also announced tax breaks for the film.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi also praised the film.  What’s so impressive about the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’?  What is this movie about?

The Kashmir Files Movie (2022) In Hindi
Massacre of Kashmir Pandits.. The story of ‘The Kashmir Files’ depicts the massacre of Kashmiri Pandits of 1990.  Militants inspired by Pakistan inflicted a brutal massacre on a group in the Kashmir Valley.  Kashmiri women were stripped and gang-raped.  They threatened to convert him or kill him if he wanted to stay in the valley.  Stop those who are obstructed.  robbed his property.  Bullets rained on the oncoming protesters.

It was mercilessly attacked with guns and knives.  They were shocked to learn that Pakistan had joined hands with the jihadi mob to commit atrocities.  As a result of this tragic incident, around 5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits became refugees at home.  Due to this they went to different states.  He lived on the trails of the Delhi Archaeological Site for years.  Thousands of families were scattered.

To speak the truth, it takes a lot of courage to appear in cinematic form.  Many filmmakers settle with Kakkurthy for revenue, claiming that they are filming real stories.  But director Vivek Agnihotri did the screening without any compromise.  What were the developments in Kashmir in the 1990s?  Shown in ‘Kashmir Files’.  The real reality of what happened in Kashmir has not come to the fore.  That’s why I made this film as a responsible citizen. For four years I experienced a lot of hardships.  Watch our film and know the facts,” director Vivek Agnihotri said at a conference in Hyderabad.  Producer Abhishek Agarwal said, “No one has made a story like ‘Kashmir Files’ in the last 30 years.

However, it will not be easy to expose this most horrific incident in the Kashmir region of our country on the silver screen.  It didn’t take Nalleru a walk in making this film for the directors.  Vivek Agnihotri, the director of the film ‘The Kashmir Files’, was mentioned in several interviews that he had received threatening calls to stop the film.  Cases have also been filed in the court to block the film.  Facing many ups and downs, director Vivek Agnihotri unveiled ‘The Kashmir Files’ on the silver screen with the help of the cast.  In this, every scene, the emotional acting of the actors is said to make the audience drunk.

Tears welled up in the eyes of many viewers watching the film.  Cricketer Suresh Raina shared the video on his Twitter handle.  In this video we can see that a woman is touching Vivek’s feet and crying out loud about her feelings about the film.  Later director Vivek and actor Darshan Kumar consoled the woman.  The director, Darshan Kumar, was also shedding tears from his tears.  The film is set to release worldwide on March 11 and will be screened in 561 cinemas across the country and 113 screens abroad.

The Kashmir Files Movie Watch 720p
The Kashmir Files Movie Download Hindi:
Like a revisionist docudrama tracking the tragic exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from their homeland in the 1990s, The Kashmir Files is essentially a battle of narratives, with Agnihotri recounting a version of events.  Has determined.  Using some facts, some half-truths and many distortions, it promotes an alternative view of the Kashmir issue, which aims not only to incite… but to incite.

The pain of Kashmiri Pandits is real and should be expressed in popular culture, but it deserved a more subtle, more objective rather than the ‘us vs them’ worldview promoted by Agnihotri for over 170 minutes.

The film is based on the testimonies of people suffering generations from militancy in the state, and presents the tragic escape as a full-scale genocide, akin to the Holocaust, that was deliberately kept away from the rest of India by the media.  .  , the ‘intellectual’ lobby and the then government because of their vested interests.

Agnihotri has improved upon the form adopted in The Tashkent Files, where he chronicles the death of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri through memories and flashbacks, with the narrative going back and forth over time.

Here, Krishna (Darshan Kumar), a Kashmiri Pandit and a student of a prominent university based at Jawaharlal Nehru University, is convinced by his ‘liberal’ teacher Radhika Menon (Pallavi Joshi) that the separatist movement in Kashmir is the same.  Freedom Movement of India.

The Kashmir Files Full Movie Free 1080p, HD
When Krishna’s grandfather Pushkar Nath (Anupam Kher) dies, he returns to Kashmir with his ashes and meets four of his grandfather’s friends, who tell Krishna the ‘real’ story of Kashmir, and of course  From, to the audience.  In his narrative, Kashmir faced a clash of civilizations, and Pandits were left to die by the state and central government to please a community.  The villain of the piece is Bitta, who sounds like a combination of real-life Ghulam Mohammad Dar aka Bitta Karate and Yasin Malik, the face of the terrorist organization Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front.

Unlike Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s films on the subject, Agnihotri has no time for romance in the valley.  It is like a countermeasure to Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider, as the film tries to convey that Kashmiri Muslims deserved to suffer after what they did to Pandits and other minorities.

A troubling take, it alternately grabs and holds.  The scenes of bloodshed, torture and denigration of Pandits have been shot with brutal intensity.  The camerawork captures the deep, fiery colors of the valley and the performances are mesmerizing.

As the conscience guard of the film, Kher is at his rhetoric at best.  Darshan is a revelation and it is good to see the talented Pallavi back.  Mithun Chakraborty, Prakash Belawadi, Puneet Issar, and Atul Srivastava are confident as friends of Pushkar Nath.

The Kashmir Files HD Movie Download
However, the film that accuses the foreign press of garnering headlines of unrest and clickbait, slowly falls for the same alleged exploitative methods that reach out to tear down tubes and create animosity.  There is hardly any attempt to understand what happens when the majority becomes a minority and vice versa.  The voice of a moderate Muslim is evident in his absence.  The representation of the educated elite is shallow and borders on easy character assassination.

Some dialogues give hope that Agnihotri will address the complexity of a topic that hasn’t been addressed before, but once he starts running an agenda against a religion, The Kashmir Files loses its objective, humanistic look.  .

It makes the same selective treatment of the period that it accuses players of in the ’90s.

Like most in the age of social media, Agnihotri looks at the past through the prism of today and a lot of the discussions at the dinner table make it to the script.  There is no middle ground for him, as he picks and chooses examples from the past to suit his narrative.  He speaks of Sheikh Abdullah, but does not mention the role played by Raja Hari Singh at the time of Kashmir’s accession to India.  He does not even talk about how the rigged ballot paper gave birth to the bullet culture in Kashmir in the late 1980s.

The film depicts the Pakistan-Afghanistan angle and the responsibility of perpetuating the insurgency on the local Muslims.  In Agnihotri’s document, terror has a religion and every Muslim in Kashmir appears to have been separatist and willing to convert Hindus to Islam.  How the Dogra kings ruled the state till 1947 is out of course here.

Of course, religious slogans were raised, and indeed Kashmir Pandits got caught in the crossfire between India and Pakistan, but history is not as black and white as Agnihotri would like us to believe.

The Kashmir Files Movie Leaked Online, Filmyzilla, Pagalworld

The names of Kashmiri legends and their contributions that Krishna gives in the climate speech abound in history books and oral tradition.  If the makers came to know about him during research for the film, it would not be fair to tell the audience that he has not been taught about the mystic Laleshwari, Shankaracharya’s visit to Kashmir and the intellectual capital of the state.

Speaking of selective use of facts, the film directly attacks Farooq Abdullah and Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, and indirectly blames Congress for the exodus, but conveniently forgets to tell us that this was a National Front government.  Which was in power in January 1990, when the alleged massacre took place, whose survival depended on outside support from the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Left parties.

He also conveniently forgets the party whose agenda he is perpetrating, knowingly or unknowingly, formed a government with a regional party, which the film describes as nationalist in Delhi, communal in Srinagar.

Curiously, the film talks about justice, but does not get into the role of the judiciary, the legal battles of the pundits, and the fact that the real Bitta spent more than two decades in jail and after being out on bail, a  Back again.  bars.

Even the good old poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz was not spared in the process of distorting.  Written in 1979, We Will See uses the metaphor of traditional Islamic imagery to reverse and challenge the radical interpretation of Pakistani general Zia ul Haq.  When he says “An-al-Haq” (I am Truth), he comes closer to the Advaita philosophy of Hinduism.  The film ridicules former prime ministers like Atal Bihari Vajpayee for the goal of winning the hearts of the people.  Perhaps, the makers only believe in ruling the land.

In the name of Ek Darr, Street Justice, clippings of the film will soon end up in social media for spreading further hatred against a community.

Kashmir Files is currently playing in theaters

The Kashmir Files (2022) Movie Latest News Updates
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has showered his appreciation for the newly released film ‘The Kashmir Files’ in the last few days.  In a new video, PM Modi said that an “entire ecosystem” is trying to defame the film which tells the “truth”.

The Kashmir Files, directed by Vivek Agnihotri, released on March 11.  The film is based on the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from the Valley in the 1990s.  This has ignited enthusiastic debate from all sides.

Speaking on the film, PM Modi said, “People have been discussing it for the past few days. People who usually spend their lives advocating for freedom of expression have suddenly become very agitated.  Not discussing it as a piece of art. Instead, this entire ecosystem is trying very hard to defame the film.”

The Kashmir Files box office collections
The Kashmir Files Box Office Day 4 Collection: The film has collected ₹ 42.20 Crore.  It stars Anupam Kher, Mithun Chakraborty and Pallavi Joshi among others.

The Kashmir Files, directed by Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, has earned Rs 42.20 crore at the box office within four days of its release.  The film stars Anupam Kher, Mithun Chakraborty, Pallavi Joshi, Darshan Kumar, Bhasha Sumbali and Chinmay Mandlekar.  It is based on the massacre of Kashmiri Pandits in the Kashmir Valley in the 1990s.  The Kashmir Files released in theaters on Friday amid positive reviews

Taking to Twitter, film trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​wrote, #TKF is a smash-hit… To be a blockbuster… Fri 3.55 cr, Shani 8.50 cr, Surya 15.10 cr, Mon 15.05 cr.  Total: ₹ 42.20 crore.

As reported by BoxOfficeIndia com, the film is being helmed by ‘North India and Gujarat/Saurashtra which are the major contributors.  It added that both multiplex and single screen are doing well in these areas.

The Hindustan Times review of the film read, “Vivek Agnihotri’s research into the tragedy shows in every scene of the film, even though the film’s nearly three-hour length doesn’t help it. The non-linear screenplay lets you down on any one thing.”  Let the character’s story sink in. While you are feeling terrible for what happened to Pushkar and his family, Krishna’s quest to find the truth about his family’s massacre comes to an end and you immediately turn to the present.  The story of finding the truth about Krishna’s journey and what happened to his family needed more conviction and clarity.”

Several states including Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura and Goa have made The Kashmir Files tax-free.  According to news agency PTI, the Madhya Pradesh government has said that policemen in the state will be given leave to watch the film.

Recently while talking to news agency ANI, Anupam had said, “Kashmir Files is not just a film for me, it is a wound for me which has not been healed in life for years and may never be filled.  How is the life of my relatives. Friends have lived 32 years ago, when they were thrown out of their homes, environment, jobs, cities and villages. Later their tragedy was not accepted by the people of the country. I am all 5 of them  was representing lakhs of people who had migrated. place on January 19, 1990.”

The Kashmir Files: Interesting facts about ‘The Kashmir Files’

Five ratings out of five … State entertainment tax concessions without hesitation … Collections of records as a short film … Anyway … Public interest litigation in the courts to stop this film … Criticisms like a film that creates  turmoil between the two facts … ‘The Kashmir Files’.  These are the sensations that are being created … what’s in it yet?  Why is the tribe in the mouths of the people?

‘The Kashmir Files’ is not a melodrama that immerses the audience in imagination.  Screen form for disturbed dreams .. for turbulent millions of lives.  It is a form of real-life weeping in some theaters, remembering themselves and remembering their never-forgotten roots.  Intense insurgency erupted in Jammu and Kashmir in the 1990s.  The riots erupted.  Swayara excursed with guns. They attacked the Kashmiri Hindus and created a massacre.  Unable to bear the atrocities, many families left their own homes, properties and relatives and migrated.  The tear-jerker form is ‘The Kashmir Files’.  On the first day of the shooting, director Vivek Agnihotri declared, “My film is to honestly hang on to one of the most inhumane bloodshed in history.”  Born of his ideas and screen form, the film is creating a sensation.

The Kashmir Files: Actors Performances
Anupam Kher cried as Pushkar Nath.  All praise him for taking his performance to the pinnacle as a deceived landlord, a Kashmiri Pandit who lost everything and bowed down for the rest of his life.  Darshan Kumar also lived up to his role as the new generation representative.  The film in particular performed better in the climactic scenes.  Pallavi Joshi immersed herself in the role of a professor who explodes bullets of words with a majestic voice and millions of feelings with his eyes.  The script for this movie.  Every word touches the heart of the audience without hurting the unnecessary drama.  Every dialogue, especially the one played by Anupam Kher, brings tears to the eyes of the audience.  Critics are also praising the director for showing clearly in many scenes how politicians and the media at that time played Shakuni and distorted history.  The camera work is a must in this movie.  Many beauties were captured on camera to prove that Kashmir is a paradise on earth.

Disputes surrounding: Many people like this movie.  Is facing more criticism.  The state governments of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka and Goa have unwittingly subsidized the entertainment tax.  It has been successfully screened everywhere and has become a big hit in short films.  On the other hand the controversy surrounding this film is not insignificant.  Pointing to one side of the coin .. They are breaking a category that shows us as villains.  A man from Uttar Pradesh has filed a public interest litigation in a court of law seeking to stop the film, saying the director had hurt our feelings by portraying us as Kashmiri Pandits massacred assassins.  The Bombay High Court bench dismissed the petition, sitting technical issues. The wife of a martyred soldier who served as a squadron leader in the Indian Armed Forces has filed a defamation suit against the film.  Actress Pallavi has alleged that she received several threats from local leaders during the shooting in Kashmir.  A fatwa was also issued against the actors.  However .. even if the controversial, realistic storyline is picked up and the film is made on a low budget .. everything is getting fed up with the way the story and narrative are led without any loose fit anywhere.

The Kashmir Files Different style: The film’s director Vivek Agnihotri’s has a different style from the beginning.  Staying away from commercial hangs .. chooses realistic elements as the storyline.  The earlier ‘Tashkent files’ were also sensational.  He is so desperate for a movie .. The whole shooting for Kashmir files has been going on for months.  But did research for two years for the story.  Interviewed seven hundred Kashmiri Pandits who have crossed the state of Kashmir.  He wants every film to have a meaning and meaning.  Cinema is a mirror of society and reality.

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The Kashmir Files Movie Budget

About 14 crores have been spent to make The Kashmir Files Movie, out of which 12 crores is Production Budget and 2 crores is Advertising Cost.

The Kashmir Files Movie Download Kaise Kare
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The Kashmir Files OTT Release Date
Theatrical Release Date: March 11, 2022

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